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Gum Recontouring
Cambridge, OH

A smiling patient who had gum recontouring at OHIOSmiles in Cambridge, OHWhen most people think of a beautiful smile, they tend to think about the condition of their teeth. However, even if your teeth are perfectly white, perfectly aligned, and free of any blemishes, your smile might still not be quite what you want. This is because, in addition to your teeth, your gums also play a role in what your smile looks like. Excess gum tissue, an uneven gumline, and gum recession can all impact the appearance of your smile, even if your teeth are perfect. At OHIOSmiles, we can help you to achieve the smile you have always wanted with gum recontouring.

What Causes Excessive or Uneven Gums?

Whether your gumline is too high, too low, or uneven in places, these issues can significantly impact the quality of your smile, even if your teeth are otherwise perfect. High or uneven gumlines are often caused by gum recession, which is the result of issues such as gum disease, aggressive toothbrushing, or bruxism. A high gumline makes your teeth appear longer, which can age you several years. Additionally, gum recession can lead to tooth sensitivity and an increased risk for tooth decay.

A gumline that is too low is often referred to as a gummy smile. This issue is often caused by genetics, but can also be caused by certain types of medications as well. When you have excess gum tissue, it can make your otherwise beautiful teeth appear small, almost like baby teeth.

Gum Recontouring

Gum recontouring is a procedure that is designed to even out your gumline and restore a much more natural, beautiful smile. Traditionally, gum recontouring has been performed using a scalpel. Not only does it cause a significant amount of bleeding, as well as pain and swelling after the procedure is over. Today, the procedure is performed using a dental laser. A laser uses a concentrated beam of light to cut through the tissue. The laser beam is approximately the thickness of a human hair. It cauterizes the tissue as it cuts, reducing bleeding. It is also highly accurate, reducing pain and swelling after your procedure is complete.

Gum recontouring begins with using a laser to recontour your gumline, to provide you with the best possible results. Once we have finished, your gums are then sutured back up against your teeth. The results of your procedure are noticeable immediately, and they only continue to improve as you heal.

Gum Recontouring Benefits

There are several benefits associated with a gum recontouring procedure. These benefits include:
•  Restoring a natural gumline, improving the quality of your smile. When your smile is improved, your confidence increases.
•  The results of your procedure are visible right away.
•  Restoring a natural gumline improves your oral health.
•  Gum recontouring can make certain types of dental restorations, such as crowns, veneers, and fillings near the gumline.

Gum recontouring can enable you to finally achieve the smile you have been looking for. Call OHIOSmiles to schedule your appointment today at (740) 781-0540.
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