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Cambridge, OH

Rendering of jaw with dental bridgeTooth loss is a major issue. Suffering the loss of even one tooth can have a significant impact on your oral health, your smile, and your quality of life. There are several issues that can cause tooth loss, including gum disease, severe tooth decay, and facial trauma. Whether the tooth falls out on its own or it needs to be extracted, there are some different issues that can arise. If you suffer the loss of a tooth, OHIOSmiles can replace it with a bridge.

What Happens When You Lose a Tooth?

There are several issues that occur when you lose a tooth.
•  If the tooth is lost near the front of your mouth, the quality of your smile decreases. This can also cause a decrease in your confidence.
•  Eating becomes more challenging.
•  Food can get lodged between your teeth, which can increase the risk for gum disease.
•  Additional stresses are placed on adjacent teeth, increasing the risk of tooth damage.
•  Digestion and nutrition suffer.
•  You may develop a lisp.
•  Your adjacent teeth begin to shift out of alignment, throwing off your natural bite.

Tooth Replacement With a Bridge

A bridge is a common restoration that can be used to replace a single missing tooth or up to three missing teeth in a row. While there are a few different types of bridges, a fixed bridge is the most common. A fixed bridge, usually made from a single block of ceramic, consists of the replacement tooth, called a pontic tooth, with two dental crowns, one on each side. The dental crowns are there to anchor the bridge into place on the teeth on each side of the gap, which is called the abutment teeth. The pontic tooth fills the gap left behind by your missing tooth, restoring its functions as well as your smile.

Bridge Placement

Placing a bridge generally requires two separate appointments. At the first appointment, the abutment teeth are prepared. Done under a local anesthetic, preparing the tooth is a procedure that involves removing a portion of the enamel from each tooth. This is done to ensure that your bridge fits properly into place. After the teeth are prepared, we then take an impression of your mouth. The impression is sent to our dental lab, where your custom restoration is designed and then created. Once it is finished and sent back, a process that can take up to two weeks, you return for your second appointment. At this appointment, we check the bridge in your mouth to make sure that it fits properly and does not interfere with your natural bite. If no adjustments need to be made, then we bond the bridge into place on your abutment teeth.

Benefits of a Bridge

Bridges offer several different benefits, such as:
•  They restore your abilities to eat and speak properly.
•  Your oral health is improved.
•  Your digestion and overall nutrition improve.
•  The bridge helps to hold your adjacent teeth in place, preventing them from shifting out of place.

Even if your one missing tooth is hidden from view at the back of your mouth, it can still significantly impact your life. With a bridge, we can help to restore the functions of your missing tooth and your overall quality of life. For more information, and to find out if a bridge is the right solution for you, call OHIOSmiles today.
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