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Botox for TMJ

Woman holding her jaw in painPain in your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is no fun. Patients who have problems with TMJ dysfunction often report to us that they are experiencing popping in their jaw when they open and close their mouth, crackling when they eat and yawn, pain shooting from their jaw to their ears or their neck, and their jaw locking up on them. While the cause of TMJ disorder is not very well known, fortunately, there are treatment options available to those who suffer from it.

While some treatments are questionable at best, masking the problem instead of directly addressing it, Botox® is giving our patients a second chance of a life free from pain in their temporomandibular joint. When we here at OHIOSmiles meet a patient who suffers from pain in their TMJ, we like to educate them about the benefits of Botox® and how it may help them find relief from their discomfort.

Using Botox® as a Treatment for TMJ

When other treatment options have failed, then Botox® for TMJ may be exactly the solution you seek for your pain and cracking. Botox® works by blocking the nerve signals at the treatment site, preventing them from sending messages to muscles. That, in turn, prevents the muscles from flexing and contracting. While this is an effective treatment against wrinkles, it is also extremely powerful against TMJ dysfunction. The area around your mouth has many muscles working together, and when the muscles are always experiencing pain due to TMJ disorder, Botox® can stop it in its tracks.

Getting Botox® for TMJ dysfunction is an easy, safe, and non-surgical outpatient procedure. In most instances, it can be completed in as little as ten minutes, and rarely takes longer than a half hour. While some patients may have concerns about the Botox® spreading to other sites, it is quite rare. It does not hurt to get these injections, and there is no downtime afterward. The most discomfort that patients report is a slight pinching at the site of the injection. We will place the Botox® injection in various sites on your face, such as your jaw, your temple, and your forehead muscles. Patients often report that the reduction in pain from the TMJ disorder is almost immediately following these injections.

Using Botox® for TMJ can provide our patients with several months of relief from their discomfort and pain. Depending on your metabolism, you may notice its effects for between three to five months. Not only can it give you an immediate break from the pain, but it can also help improve your appearance. Many patients who have TMJ disorder are clenching their teeth and grinding their jaw and may not be aware of it. This constant clenching can lead to a square face. This appearance will often soften after Botox®.

Furthermore, it can also help calm tense muscles, retraining the patient not to clench their jaw so much. This can be beneficial in stopping the behavior that led to the pain in the first place.

Want To Learn More?

Botox® is a fantastic treatment option for many of our patients, especially patients who have been disappointed by other treatment options. To learn more about how we use Botox® to treat pain from TMJ dysfunction here at OHIOSmiles, or to set up an appointment with us, please give us a call at (740) 781-0540 today!
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