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Ways to Determine if Your Jaw Bone is Reabsorbing
Cambridge, OH

Posted on 6/22/2020 by OHIOSmiles
Image of a woman trying to feel for her jawbone.Your bones may look solid, but they are actually always growing and breaking down. When a part of a bone breaks down, it's reabsorbed by the rest of the bone. This growing and absorbing tends to balance out when you're an adult, so your bones don't actually change that much in size. But when a bone such as your jaw bone is reabsorbed faster than it grows, the bone can actually shrink. This can cause some issues, including making your teeth loose and making it more difficult to get dental implants.

Signs Your Jaw Bone Is Reabsorbing

One of the main signs that your jaw bone is shrinking from reabsorption is that your teeth become loose. Teeth are anchored to your jawbone, and as it shrinks, they lose that firm base. You may find one or two teeth are a little loose at first. Over time, you may notice more and more of your teeth wiggle a bit. As your jaw bone continues to shrink, these teeth will wiggle more and more until they start to fall out.

Another sign your jaw bone is reabsorbing is if you see more of your teeth than normal. Your gums generally cover your teeth at the bottom, but as the jaw bone shrinks, they will pull back, leaving more of your teeth exposed. This also plays a part is making your teeth loose.

What Can Be Done?

Fortunately, there are some things we can do to help you repair your jaw bone and protect your teeth. In many cases, there's an issue such as gum disease or another type of infection that is damaging your jaw bone. We will treat whatever that condition is and then help you repair your jaw bone. In some cases, that may mean you need bone grafts, especially if you're considering dental implants.

Let us help you before your jaw bone shrinks even more. Call us today to set up a consultation.
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