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What Happens When You Have Chronic Dry Mouth and Do Not Get It Treated?

Posted on 1/25/2020 by OHIOSmiles
What Happens When You Have Chronic Dry Mouth and Do Not Get It Treated?Dry mouth makes it tough to eat and swallow food and even talk. It is mainly caused by the decrease in saliva levels in your mouth. While this can occur naturally, it can also be caused by taking certain types of medication.

The bad news is that chronic dry mouth could be a precursor for even worse dental conditions if left untreated. Here is how it affects your oral health:

The Role Of Saliva In The Body

Saliva does much more in the body than facilitate digestion. It ensures that you can have a healthy dentition in many ways. First, it washes away bacteria and food particles that would otherwise lead to the deterioration of your dental health. It also neutralizes the bacteria in your mouth, limiting the impact they can have on the health of your teeth.

Lastly, saliva helps in the remineralization of your enamel. Given that the enamel is typically exposed to acidity and action from bacteria, this remineralization is essential to treat the wear and tear your teeth go through.

How Chronic Dry Mouth Affect Your Health

Without enough saliva in your mouth, a huge part of your oral defense system is disabled. It will be tough for your body to fight away the bacteria in the mouth. When the action of these bacteria becomes excessive, it can lead to tooth decay, the formation of cavities, the discoloration of your teeth, and the chipping off of your teeth.

In simple terms, it will be nearly impossible to uphold great dental hygiene. It will also become tough to re-mineralize your enamel, leaving your teeth susceptible to more wear and tear. If this outer layer of your teeth gets affected, it can expose other layers, which can lead to teeth sensitivity. Dry mouth can wreak havoc on your dental health. Luckily, there are many ways to treat this condition. Feel free to call our office and let us help you treat your dry mouth to protect your teeth.
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