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If You Snack on Veggies, They Can Improve Your Oral Health

Posted on 11/15/2019 by OHIOSmiles
If You Snack on Veggies, They Can Improve Your Oral Health You probably understand by now the health benefits of eating your leafy greens every day, but did you know those vegetables can work for your teeth as well? Vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals that not only strengthen our body and keep it running properly, they also can help strengthen your teeth. Some green vegetables contain high amounts of calcium, which is needed for your bones and teeth to stay strong and healthy. Another added benefit to snacking on some delicious vegetables is their ability to actually clean your teeth as you eat them. Crisp vegetables can act as a very soft abrasive to your teeth and rid your teeth of the bacteria caused by eating other foods. It is possible to snack on these veggies throughout the day to gently remove the bacteria without having to brush your teeth. This is not to say you should never brush or floss again, but that vegetables are a good way to cover the in-between times when you cannot get with a brush.

What About Those Important Vitamins?

Whenever we think about vitamin C, we usually think about fruits or juices, but vitamin C can actually be found in some types of vegetables as well. The most common types of vegetables that have vitamin C are the green leafy types. Vitamin C is actually good for oral health, because it can help protect the gums against infection. Your gums are constantly facing bacteria, so it is important to support a strong immune system by eating foods high in vitamin C. Luckily, there is no better place to get a little vitamin C than in vegetables. Though vegetables are great for many different reasons, it is important to have a varied diet so that you can keep a healthy body and oral cavity. If you have any more concerns about how diet plays a role in your oral health, give us a call at our office. We take pride in educating our clients with the knowledge they need to stay healthy and keep strong oral health.
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