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Why Do Teeth Require Trimming Prior to Getting Veneers?

Posted on 10/25/2019 by OHIOSmiles
Why Do Teeth Require Trimming Prior to Getting Veneers?Missing, cracked, broken, and discolored teeth are common issues. While maintaining oral health is an important part of preventing these problems, accidents happen, and sometimes cause damage that requires repair.

A bright, white, uniform-looking smile is also the envy of many; even healthy teeth may cause confidence issues in some patients. Thankfully, with the help of modern dentistry, everyone can have a beautiful smile.

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are delicate, customized casings fitted to the surface of the teeth. They are often a cosmetic treatment, but can offer a degree of protection. Patients with oral health conditions (such as enamel hypoplasia) opt for veneers as a means of creating a healthy-looking smile, and elongating the life of the teeth beneath the veneers.

Veneers are made from substances that are colored and behave like teeth. The most common materials are porcelain, and a resin composite material. Porcelain more accurately mimics the properties of natural teeth, and is more resistant, to staining. Resin is a more affordable option, and can be made quickly and repaired more easily. These materials are affixed to the teeth using a long-lasting technique called “bonding”. A tooth-colored resin is daubed on the tooth, and the veneers are placed. In order for bonding to work properly, the teeth being fitted with veneers must be trimmed.

What Is Trimming?

Trimming is a light shaving of enamel from the tooth. This procedure is required in order to create a uniform shape. If veneers were placed on teeth with thick enamel, they would look clunky and feel too large in the mouth. Trimming also helps remove any decayed parts of the teeth, prior to veneer placement. Decay under the veneers would fester, and cause damage to the foundational tooth. Trimming also removes any extant fillings. Any existing fillings are replaced before veneers are secured to the teeth; this ensures true uniformity in the placement process.

Veneers can help boost people's confidence and creating a long-lasting, beautiful smile. If you are considering having veneers placed, contact our office today for a consultation.
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