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The Many Types of Tooth Sensitivity

Posted on 9/15/2019 by OHIOSmiles
The Many Types of Tooth SensitivityDid you know that there are four major components to your teeth? Depending on how well you and we take care of those components, the stronger your teeth have the ability to remain. When you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, it is important to come see us. It could deal with your dentin and your enamel care, which are two of the four components of your teeth.

Our primary concern is your tooth enamel's care. Typically, teeth are sensitive when exposed to hot and cold temperatures. Ever have a sensitive tooth react when biting directly into an ice cream cone? This is most likely due to enamel decay. When you come see us, we will examine your enamel decay – or hopefully, a lack thereof.

There Are Many Types of Tooth Sensitivity

Perhaps you are of one those people who experiences tooth sensitivity to certain foods. Beyond just hot and cold temperatures, teeth could be sensitive to sweet, sour, or even acidic foods. Depending on your dentin and your enamel, we can recommend different treatment options when you come see us.

When you notice these uncomfortable moments, it is important that you come in to see us so we can determine the cause and fix it as quickly as possible. There are many things that could lead to it, aside from damaged enamel. A cavity inside your tooth could lead to this type of pain, as could a cracked or broken tooth. You may also have an infection that is more susceptible to extreme temperatures or flavors.

Whatever tooth sensitivity you are experiencing, know that we are always here to help alleviate the problem as quickly as possible. For help determining the cause of your sensitivity, and more importantly, to treat it so it can go away, come in and see us!

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