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Saving Water is Important When Brushing Your Teeth

Posted on 6/25/2019 by OHIOSmiles
Saving Water is Important When Brushing Your TeethWater conservation is good for the environment and offers economic benefits. When you save water as you brush your teeth, you may end up with lower water bills each month. Saving water is incredibly important when caring for your teeth, and by following these tips, you can minimize the amount of water that you use each time that you brush.

Turn Off the Faucet
You should be brushing your teeth for two minutes each session, but this doesn't mean that the water needs to run for two minutes. Turn off the faucet between rinses, as this is the easiest way to save on water while you brush. In fact, researchers have found that simply shutting off the tap rather than allowing it to run continuously while brushing can save a family up to 10 gallons of water each day.

Use a Cup
Do you fill your hands with water in order to rinse your mouth out after brushing? If so, try using a cup instead. The hand method wastes water because the tap continues to run while you move your hand away from the faucet. Fill a cup with only the amount of water needed to rinse out your mouth.

Use a Faucet Aerator

An investment in a faucet aerator can also help your family to save water. The aerator adds tiny air bubbles into the flow of water so that you use less overall when you brush your teeth. If you combine an aerator with lower water pressure, you'll enjoy even more savings.

Reducing the amount of water that you use when you brush your teeth can help you to conserve this valuable resource. We do everything we can in our office to monitor our water consumption and can explain the safeguards that we have in place. Contact us to learn more and to set up your next appointment.
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