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How to Boost the Calcium In Your Diet with Just a Few Foods

Posted on 1/30/2019 by OHIOSmiles
How to Boost the Calcium In Your Diet with Just a Few FoodsFew people truly appreciate how important calcium is to the human body. Calcium is an essential nutrient, a mineral in fact, that is found naturally in the human body. However, there is never enough natural calcium in the human body to sustain all of its needs.

The only way to enhance your need for calcium is to include calcium-rich foods as a part of your diet. Let's delve deeper into why you need calcium in your diet as well as list some calcium-rich foods.

The Importance of Calcium

Calcium is needed for the human body to function naturally. You need Vitamin D to help your body absorb calcium efficiently, so that is an important nutrient too. However, calcium is just as important, if not more.

Your body needs calcium to enable your heart and blood vessels to operate well. Calcium empowers nerves to ferry signals from your brain to the rest of your body. Most importantly, calcium fortifies your bones and your teeth.

If you don't have enough calcium in your body, then you will develop calcium deficiencies. Your body will actually begin to strip the calcium from your bones, and teeth, to satisfy its needs. Your bones and teeth will become brittle and susceptible to decay.

Adding Calcium To Your Diet

How much calcium you need depends on your age, sex and overall health. Take Vitamin D and calcium supplements. You can find calcium in dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt. Or, in vegetables like beans, kale, and spinach. Fish like sardines and salmon are also another great source of calcium. You can also eat foods that are fortified with calcium like pasta, bread, cereal and orange juice.

Your Calcium Need Never Diminish
You will always need calcium in your diet. From birth into old age, you will need the health fortifying benefits of calcium. All you have to do is adjust your dietary needs. Contact us to find out more!

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