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How Thinner Enamel Can Leave You Facing Tooth Pain

Posted on 1/20/2019 by OHIOSmiles
How Thinner Enamel Can Leave You Facing Tooth PainIf you are experiencing tooth pain and sensitivity, worn enamel could be the problem. Thinner enamel puts your teeth at risk for a host of problems including discomfort. Read on to find out how thinner enamel can cause sensitivity and how you might be able to prevent the problem.

How Enamel Erosion Causes Sensitivity

The teeth are strong and sturdy, and while they are great at helping us chew our food, they have their weaknesses. Acids are one of the biggest, as acid can eat away at the enamel, thinning it in the process.

Once the enamel thins, the sensitive, inner layers of the teeth are exposed. With the nerves of the teeth more easily accessible, hot or cold food and beverages can send a shockwave of pain throughout your mouth when they come into contact with the teeth.

Acid erosion isn't the only way that you might reduce the enamel of your teeth. Worn enamel can be caused by using a hard toothbrush or by brushing too aggressively. You may scrub away some of the enamel with time, leaving the inner portions of the tooth exposed.

How to Protect Your Enamel

There are several ways that you can protect the enamel and prevent thinning. First, choose a toothbrush with soft bristles, and avoid aggressive brushing. Minimize your consumption of fruit juice, soda, and other highly acidic foods and drinks.

If you do choose to consume acidic items, make sure to rinse your mouth out with water immediately after to try and restore the natural pH of your mouth. This can rinse acids away from your teeth before they can do any damage.

Regular dental visits are also important for the health of your teeth and enamel. Call us today to set up your next appointment and let us find the right treatment for your sensitivity.
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